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Monday, June 18, 2007

Schipperke Up For Adoption

The newest foster dog I have in my home is a schipperke (pronounced skip'-ur-kee) named Skipper. (Yes, I can just hear the low moan of the schipperke fans out there for the "unoriginal" name.) He is a wonderful little dog that I and the rest of the family has come to absolutely adore. How can you not love that face???
If you are not familiar with the breed characteristics, please read them before making any kind of a decision to take him (or any other kind of pure-breed) into your family. This is the number 1 reason for them to end up being surrendered into the rescue pipeline.
Schipperkes are great little watchdogs, are very loyal, fearless because they think they are WAY bigger than they are, and were also bred as vermin-killers. But, because they are so very intelligent (one estimate I read put them at the level of a 7-year-old child, though they act more like playful teenagers a good bit of the time because of their deep curiosity that often gets them into mischief), they need lots of stimulation to keep from getting bored, have a very high energy level, love to dig, tend to wander off while following interesting scents with their little noses, and frequently live to be 20 years old, etc. they really have to be fit into the right kind of family and situation and also truly do need a fenced yard. As one of the websites I referenced said,
"Because of their high intelligence, Schipperkes are extremely curious, which
is why we in Rescue recommend some sort of yard containment. It is well known
that a loose Schip is a gone Schip - not because they run away but because they
put their noses to the ground to follow a scent and, by the time they look up,
they're 3000 miles away. Even the most well-trained and obedient Schip can
get distracted as many owners have learned to their great sadness, therefore we
insist that they be walked on a leash no matter how well trained they seem."
I will be glad to furnish any information about him specifically and the breed in general to anyone interested.

I will say that he is still a puppy right now - about 7 months old or so. He has had all shots, was found negative for heartworms at the end of January, and has already been neutered. He gets along well with other dogs, cats, and children. He has never growled, bitten, or even acted like he would to anyone. He loves his squeaky ball! He really is a true joy to have around.

If Skipper sounds like the type of dog you would like to consider, again, please read up on the schipperke breed at several websites (since they all have slightly different information) to get the whole picture, and if you are interested in him, I can just about guarantee he would love to go home with you! He really is very friendly, and he will steal your heart!

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